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Industrial Ethernet Switches

So many Switches to choose from!!
We can help you get to the Switch that is right for you.
Just click on the choice that best fits your needs and it will automatically guide you to the right switch.

Click on the kind of Switch you are looking for:

Fully Managed Switches             

Partially Managed / Process Control Switches                             

Unmanaged Switches

PoE ( Power over Ethernet ) Switches


Fully Managed

N-Tron fully managed switches comes with all the functionality of partially managed switches and it also has a web server built in. You can connect to switches from anywhere in the world through an IP address. Benefits includes, updating  programs as well as checking the status of the connected devices with a click of a mouse.

Partially Managed/Process Control

N-Tron partially managed/ process control switches with the -A (Advanced management features) option are without a web server. If you have security issues and do not want your network available to the internet, this N-Tron exclusive series is your solution.

N-tron Unmanaged Switches are entry level economical switches designed to meet the basic needs for an industrial switch. This flexible line is ideal for data acquisition, control, and ethernet I/O applications.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

N-Tron's PoE is designed to transmit power, along with data, over an Ethernet network and is ideal for PoE capable devices where running AC power is not feasible.

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